Abstract of to Kill a Mockingbird – Chapter 14

Jem and Scout turn out to be the city’s object for staring and whispering individuals because the trial of the black man Tom Robinson strikes on and their father Atticus is his authorized protection consultant. Scout makes an attempt to search out the that means of rape by asking her father. This results in Atticus figuring out that the kids are attending Calpurnia’s church companies. Aunt Alexandria restricted Scout from attending any coloured companies from Calpurnia’s church and convinces her brother to terminate the companies of Calpurnia after which ship her dwelling as they not require her companies. Nonetheless, Atticus tactfully refuses her calls for.

On that evening, Jem warns her sister to not provoke Aunt Alexandria. Scout doesn’t really feel please with the warning and considers it as a lecture that she begins to assault her brother. Atticus intervenes, breaks the battle, and sends them to their bed room to sleep. Scout steps on one thing that seems like a snake underneath her mattress. She turns into frantic and calls Jem to take a look at it. They discover Dill. He appears soiled, ravenous, and quiet skinny however nonetheless appearing his previous good self.Dill runs away from dwelling and involves them for shelter. His dad and mom don’t take care of him and don’t give him sufficient consideration that he at all times finds himself left alone at dwelling although they spend the nights sleeping on the similar home. His dad and mom will not be about his ideas and his emotions that he determined to go away and take the prepare from Meridian to the junction of Maycomb. He rides free on the cotton wagon’s again after which resolve to stroll the remaining distance till he reaches the Finch’ home.

Jem tells Atticus about Dill’s shock look. Atticus orders Scout to supply some meals to Dill earlier than he goes to tell Miss Rachel, Dill’s Aunt. Miss Rachel home is good subsequent door. Dill accepts the meals, eats, after which climbs to Jem’s mattress to sleep however resolve to go to Scount’s mattress to speak issues for somewhat bit.This was a abstract of To Kill a Mockingbird, Chapter 14; there are 31 chapters in Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.

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