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If you are thinking of enrolling your child in a dance class, there are many things to consider before signing up. Among these are the cost, location, and quality of instruction. To find a good studio, take the time to look for these qualities. Listed below are some of the most important things to consider when choosing a dance studio and learn more about some of the top qualities to look for when choosing a leading dance studio, Jacksonville FL area, for your child.

Qualities of a good dance studio

There are certain qualities that a successful dance studio manager should have. For example, he or she must have excellent judgment and organizational skills. Keeping all necessary documents organized is essential. Good communication is also essential for running the business efficiently. Without this, the studio could miss out on many marketing opportunities, and class sign-ups may suffer. The owner should also have good patience, since clients will sometimes become angry if they aren’t given the information they need.

Another quality that should be included in a good dance studio is its flooring. Children’s joints are vulnerable to injuries during intense dance exercises, so a studio with soft flooring will protect them from injuries. You also want to find a dance studio with plenty of space, so your child can move around comfortably. A studio that has a large floor area is also a plus. The bigger the dance floor is, the better.


It is essential to locate your dance studio in a safe neighborhood, but that may not be possible given your budget. Another consideration is the location of your competitors. If your competitor has a dance studio near a flea market, someone looking for a dance class might walk by yours instead. Choose a location that is far enough from your competitors but not too far from your ideal clientele. In addition, make sure to research the area.

While there are countless factors to consider, location is one of the most important. A dance studio near a popular landmark, such as a city center, will be easier to find for students. In addition to being easily accessible, studios near popular landmarks will attract more potential clients. Regardless of the type of dance class you teach, consider the location of the dance studio. While a studio near a busy highway might be ideal for wedding couples, a dance studio located next to a popular area will attract more students.

Quality of instruction

The website of a dance studio is often the first peek into the business. Quality studios have extensive bios of the faculty. Instructors should be nationally certified and have at least one year of experience teaching children of all levels. Additionally, the studio should have policies pertaining to the safety and security of the students. Finally, their website should list recent performance accomplishments by faculty members.

The quality of instruction at a dance studio will vary significantly from one studio to another. Many studios rely on the expertise of the teachers to design choreography, structure, and guidelines. This results in an inconsistent standard of education. In some cases, highly qualified teachers may yield excellent teaching results while less experienced teachers will need additional guidance to create a cohesive class. This can create a two-tier educational system. Advanced students receive the best instruction from experienced instructors, while those with less serious dance training will get inferior training from less qualified instructors.


If you are looking for a new dance studio, there are several things to keep in mind before signing on the dotted line. While you can always go for a discounted rate if you sign up for a few classes, you’ll probably want to be as flexible as possible. There are a variety of ways to cut down on the costs of dance classes, from drop-in fees to yearly membership. The first tip is to look for a studio that waives the registration fee for new students.

In addition to the space, you’ll need to think about the labor needed to run a successful dance studio. For example, yoga studios require a large open floor and mats, which reduce the risk of damaging the dance floor and causing a cluttered space. You’ll also need to budget for the cost of utilities, which can run anywhere from $200 per month to $400 per month. These utilities should include water, sewage, gas, and electrical services. Additionally, you’ll need more than one phone line to keep your business operating smoothly. Dedicated phone lines will run from $25 to 80 per month.

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Some of the most popular event venues in Dallas are Ballrooms, Art galleries, Courtyard gardens, and Hotels. Listed below are the ten most common types of event venues. Read on to learn about different types and their advantages.


While ballrooms are traditionally large, the size and shape of the room are not always the same for all types of events. Some are designed with higher ceilings to make them more suitable for more significant events. Many public buildings now have ballrooms, and many hotels have them too. The spaciousness of these spaces allows for good sound carrying, which makes them an ideal choice for events involving musicians. For example, the Vienna Opera Ball takes place in a massive ballroom. In addition, the Vienna State Opera’s auditorium is turned into a large ballroom for the evening.

Ballrooms are grand for private parties. Many people host weddings in hotel ballrooms but can also host birthday parties in them. While a ballroom may be an excellent choice for weddings, other venues can meet the needs of a larger crowd.

Art galleries

An art gallery is a venue for showing and selling artists’ works. They curate the exhibition programs for their artists and take care of everything else, including insurance and transport. Most art galleries rent commercial properties with big windows, offering excellent visibility to potential clients. Art galleries can also hold fundraisers and special events in these spaces.

An art gallery’s profit is variable and depends on the artist, the region, and the competition. Typically, galleries make their money by taking a cut of art sales. The profit margin for an art gallery is usually around 50 percent, but it may be higher or lower. Therefore, a gallery must negotiate with artists to determine a fair price for each piece. Ideally, a gallery won’t charge more than $4,000 for a single piece of artwork. But they should offer a range of prices so that attendees can easily afford to buy a work of art.

Courtyard gardens

The Buehler Enabling Garden is an intimate outdoor courtyard with views of the Krasberg Rose Garden. The garden’s colorful hanging baskets raised beds, and lovely fountains make it the perfect spot for an intimate dinner or cocktail party. The Buehler Enabling Garden can accommodate up to 165 seated guests and 180 standing. It’s also accessible at night.

The Inn at the Instead is a beautiful venue for a wedding ceremony, reception, or brunch. The Gallery seats 60 people at round tables, with enough space for dancing. The Central Courtyard Garden has a beautiful walking path and a small sitting area.


One of the most common types of venues for events in hotels. A hotel is a convenient place to hold an event as it provides its guests with a place to stay. This is particularly beneficial if the event will last more than a day. In addition, it helps guests feel comfortable during the event, as they can retreat to their hotel rooms whenever necessary. In addition to offering a convenient location, hotels can help you coordinate with other event venues and caterers.

While any location can serve as an event space, hotels are the most common choice. These venues usually offer accommodations, while conference centers typically outsource supplies. Many venues are only available for a specific period or an entire day, so it is essential to book a venue well in advance. Some venues require reservations several months or even years in advance. The more time you give yourself to plan an event, the more likely it is to be a success.


Mansions are perfect for an invite-only cocktail reception or corporate retreat. If you’re renting a mansion, you should keep in mind parking and neighbors. If you’re planning a large group, you might consider renting a smaller venue if, you might consider renting a smaller venue.

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The modern party is cutting edge in entertainment, which means more than just singers or professional dancers! Hiring professionals to leave your party laughing and rolling with comedy is an awesome way to make it memorable and ensure that everyone talks positively about their experience.

These are some of the best entertainment ideas for your next hilarious party!

Celebrity Impersonators

Celebrity impersonators aren’t necessarily funny automatically: but some feel like they don’t even have to try to be hilarious. From hiring Elvis to finding a Trump impersonator, seek out a professional that makes you and your party laugh! Be aware that context matters, though! If this is a party for teenagers, hiring a Johnny Cash performer isn’t going to land as well as hiring a currently popular celebrity would!

The Classic Clown

There’s a lot of debate around whether clowns are a good party idea or not: but they bring joy to them, so why not? Moreover, the classic clown has been played out so much that now hiring one ironically can be hilarious again.

Seek out an interesting or unique clown in your area, and watch some of their material if they have recordings. The modern clown is incredibly flexible in its material and can put on whatever kind of action you want of them!

Hiring Singers With a Twist

Have you ever heard an opera singer perform WAP by Cardi B? Or a classic country musician covering some of the other wild music that’s out right now? The cognitive dissonance between these styles and the raunchy lyrics of a lot of modern music can be a lot of fun and will leave your party howling.

You can find performers like these extremely easily since many classically trained musicians like to have fun and cut loose with this type of music when they’re bored or practicing their skills.

Drag Performers

Drag is an art form that requires a lot of personality, and with that personality comes comedy. The humor in drag isn’t dressing up as flamboyantly as possible: it’s the powerful personas that are channeled through it that can make people laugh and enjoy themselves.

Seek a drag performer who’s known for being funny in your area! If you’re not familiar with the drag scene in your area, attend a couple of drag shows and get to know which performers make you laugh the hardest so you can try to hire them!

Princess Performers

Having a princess performer at a party for adults can be both charming and funny. Discuss beforehand with the performers what type of party it is to make sure they’ll be comfortable with it, and then have fun with it! This can be great for bachelor parties for a twist of innocent, clean fun or baby showers to allow it to feel like the magic of the future kid’s childhood has already started!

Don’t Be Afraid to Have Fun!

Having fun is something that keeps us young and ready for the future: so don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Parties are meant to be a time where you cut loose and have a great time, and a little comedy can help that.

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Women have been historically underrepresented and unrecognized in the film world. However, women have been directing movies since the beginning of cinema. These six are just a few of the many women directing movies you should know.

  1. Katharina Otto-Bernstein

Katharina Otto-Bernstein made her directorial debut in 1990 with the television documentary “Coming Home.”  Inspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall, it documents the lives of German families dealing with re-unification. In 1992 she directed the comedy “The Second Greatest Story Ever Told,” followed up by two additional projects in 1993. She founded the production company Film Manufacturers Inc. in 1994. She made waves at the Sundance Film Festival in 1998 with “Beautopia” and garnered critical acclaim for “Absolute Wilson” in 2006. Her 2016 project, “Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures,” was the first feature-length film about controversial American artist Robert Mapplethorpe.

  1. Alice Guy

Alice Guy is considered by many people to be the first female film director. The 1896 short film, “The Cabbage Fairy,” is her first credited work. She went on to direct hundreds of other short films for Gaumont before she and her husband opened their own studio in 1910. She directed her final film in 1919. Jodie Foster narrates her story in a 2018 documentary by Pamela B. Green.

  1. Amy Heckerling

Heckerling’s feature debut was the stoner classic, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” which was released in 1982. The movie is probably best known for launching the careers of Jennifer Jason Leigh and Sean Penn; however, it is also one of the few films of the time to treat the topic of abortion with sensitivity. Her other notable films include”Clueless” and “Look Who’s Talking.” She also directed episodes of the TV shows “The Office,” “Gossip Girl,” and “The Carrie Diaries.”

  1. Sofia Coppola

The daughter of famous director Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia made her feature debut in 1999 with “The Virgin Suicides.” She directed the Oscar-nominated movie “Lost in Translation” in 2003 and won an Academy Award for her original screenplay. She took home the directing prize for “Beguiled” at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

  1. Patty Jenkins

Jenkins made a big splash with her 2003 debut, “Monster.” The film’s star, Charlize Theron won a best actress Oscar and the film went on to win best first feature at the Indie Spirit Awards. She made history in 2017 as the first woman to direct a comic book tentpole movie when she directed Marvel’s “Wonder Woman.” The film was a massive box office success and Jenkins also directed the sequel, “Wonder Woman 1984.”

  1. Greta Gerwig

Gerwig snagged an Oscar nomination for her direction of the film “Lady Bird” in 2017. She followed that up with a reimagined version of “Little Women,” intended to demonstrate that the story remains relevant in contemporary times when women still face many of the same financial restrictions.

Recently, two women directors were nominated for best director awards in the same year for the first time at the Academy Awards. Only seven women have ever been nominated and only one has taken home the prize. Women directors continue to make progress, but there is still a long way to go.

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We all know that there are many benefits of reading, and it is one of the best habits that one can develop to learn, explore and enjoy the perks of a better life. The world of readers is entirely different from the world of non-readers because they have explored thousands of worlds, and their vision is vital. When people read, they create a world of their own, focusing on it all the time. To get the best results from learning, you should first know about the benefits that it has to offer to you so that you can stay motivated and know what to look for.

Here specifically, we will discuss the online reading process and how a child can benefit from it. Developing a love for reading from the early years is significant, and it can give extraordinary results. If you want your child to hone his reading skills, you can get him enrolled in some online reading program for kids so that he can develop a better understanding of this process.

Now, if you are still wondering whether the online reading programs are beneficial or not, then here we are to tell you about the advantages that you can avail of from it. Whether you are an educator or a parent teaching the child at home, you can benefit from these programs a lot. Here takes a look at the list of advantages.

  • One-on-one interaction

With the online reading programs for the kids, you have the benefit that your child gets to learn on a one-on-one basis, where the teacher or the application is working directly upon the child’s progress. When a child is focused this much, he gets to learn a lot, and his attention makes him an active and a better learner.

  • Repeat lessons anytime

Since the children are at liberty to learn as much as they can and take individual lessons without being dependent upon the pace of the other members of the class, the learning becomes better. If the kids find some lesson to be difficult, they can repeat it whenever they desire.

  • Learning is fun this way.

The online interaction of the kids with the learning app is stimulating and fascinating for them because this way, they get to see many playful images, many unique characters, and a lot of other things that inspire them. They find it a more fun way to read and explore and always wait to start the next lesson. Otherwise, the parents have to struggle very hard to get the kids to settle down to start their lessons.

  • Tracking progress

Another good thing about these lessons is that the parent or the guardian gets to know the child’s progress very well since they are along with the child all the time, and they can keep a check on how the child is going.

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Is there too much stuff lying around in your home? Do you need to get rid of your junk before it clutters the whole house? Here are ways to get rid of your trash properly and save your money and time in the process.

Plan your strategy ahead of time

You must determine which items you want to keep and which are the ones that you want to get rid of. Planning ahead of time for the junk removal process will save your time and the time of the people lending you a hand as well. Create a list or planner that will help you distinguish which items are necessary and which ones will have to go. Planning will also help you determine whether you are capable of managing and taking care of your junk personally or if you require the assistance of a junk removal company/business. Try to analyze the situation, keep in mind your goal (i.e., clearing more space in a specific room in the house) and see how much junk will need to be removed.

Keep things organized at all times

After you have sorted out the essentials and necessary items that you want to keep, now is the time to separate them from the “junk” pile. Keep your valuables in cardboard boxes or containers. Separating your valuables will help you avoid accidentally adding them to your junk pile.

If you have heavier objects to be thrown away, it is best to ask for some help and assistance in moving these objects. Doing it alone may cause some damage to your home, or you may even injure yourself in the process.

Take note of the junk you’re throwing away

Not all of your trash that you want to dispose of is recyclable or acceptable by some city waste companies. If you are planning to improperly dispose of your junk or rely on the garbage collectors to pick it up, you may be risking having your junk left behind. Most city waste management companies have specific instructions when it comes to collecting everyday trash. Your garbage, however, may include some materials not part of their company’s list and they may leave your garbage at your curb. Worse, they may even give you a fine for improper disposal. So be careful about the junk that you are throwing away. If you are unsure of the process, then try to hire professional junk removal services that will provide the appropriate disposal and keep you safe from city fines.

When in doubt, let the professionals help you out

If you are having a hard time moving and hauling the junk from your house, and you think that there is just so much stuff to get rid of, hire a professional to get things done the right way! It’s quick, it’s easy, and it will save you a lot of time in the process. There are companies specializing in junk removal services, and they can provide you with the needed services such as loading, cleaning, and hauling your junk correctly, so you don’t have to go through all the trouble of doing it on your own.


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KidCon Orlando, a kid-centric event for ages 0–100, is scheduled for September 1, 2019, at the Royale Caribe Convention Center. The family-friendly event celebrates everything that makes children fun and unique. Attendees can shop, learn, and play; there will be interactive events like slime-making, obstacle courses, and coding.

Kids under the age of 16 years old receive free admission with every adult ticket purchased. Besides general admission, there are also VIP tickets available for $75, which give you a gift bag, access to all sessions, free face painting. Plus they have free access to Nerf Wars, Laser Tag, and Archery Tag all day. If you’ve got some active young ones, this might be the best value.

KidCon starts at 9 a.m. EST and lasts until 4 p.m. EST. An attendee badge is given with every adult ticket purchased and children’s free ticket awarded. You and your family are then able to come and go as you please. If you need to take a break or want to leave to eat something at a restaurant outside of the Royale Caribe Convention Center, you can.

Family-Friendly Hotels to Stay At While Attending KidCon

There is a block of discounted rooms for KidCon attendees at the venue, the Caribe Royale Hotel. This hotel, located just a few minutes from Disney World, is fun for kids and adults. There are many relaxing activities for mom and dad, like sunrise yoga, spa treatments, poolside bars, and more. Rooms in the KidCon block regularly sell out early, though, so you’ll want some other options just in case.

The Hyatt Place Orlando Lake Buena Vista puts you and your family close to all the attractions that Orlando has to offer. It’s also very close to the Royal Caribe Convention Center. The rooms at the hotel are generous in size, making it easy to spread out. They offer free Wi-Fi so you can relax, check email, or even upload vacation photos to share with the rest of the family. When the kids have rested some, you can take them to the heated outside pool for a swim before grabbing a bite to eat and calling it a day.

What to Do When the Convention is Over

There are many things to do as a family once the convention finishes. You can quickly go the theme park route and visit Walt Disney World Resort, SeaWorld or Universal Studios Orlando. If you’d prefer to do more low-key activities, you could go to Disney Springs or see what International Drive has to offer.

I-Drive has museums galore to check out. There is WonderWorks which resembles an upside-down home, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. Pointe Orlando has a lot of fun rides, eateries, and stores to shop. You and the kids can even try indoor skydiving at iFly Indoor Skydiving. You’ve got plenty of fun options to choose from just one street in the city.

Places to Eat in the Area

Some kid-approved places to eat in the area include Flipper’s Pizzeria, Noodles and Company, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, and Joe’s Crab Shack among many other choices.

Embrace Your Inner Child While Entertaining Your Kids in Orlando

Be a kid again, with your kids, at KidCon. Orlando provides you with exciting adventures each day of your visit to the city. Prepare to have the time of your life at the Royale Caribe Convention Center. While you’re in O-Town, schedule at least one day to check out the theme parks and visit the many shopping centers and malls in the area. You’re even sure to find some great back-to-school deals.

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Milena Djankovich and her husband Mladen welcomed their first child in 2015, just over a year after their wedding.  It was undoubtedly a life-changing moment especially for Milena, who understood that motherhood took precedence over everything else.  Milena placed her journalism dreams on hold and Mladen was balancing dad duties with his exit strategies from his second successful startup.

It was also challenging to sooth a colicky baby, and the couple had to continuously be in comforting mode so Milena turned to rocking – the only thing to calm her newborn. She cherished the bonding time this allowed between herself and her son.  However, even as Milena cherished the feeling of being a super mom, she had to contend with the cabin fever that comes from rocking her baby for hours on end while staring the same four walls of their nursery.  It made her reflect on such a simple motion a rocking’s ability to both comfort and sooth.

Milena felt that she had to do something to solve what seemed at times like a solitary confinement sentence.  She began to search for a portable rocking solution, one that would provide her a little flexibility and freedom.  But she was shocked to find out that no such thing existed.  And the more she ended up with blank results, the more driven Milena became on finding a more portable rocking solution, one that would not compromise the many benefits of rocking babies, from controlling equilibrium and increasing motor movement to improving breathing and fostering in newborns a deep sense of security, belonging, and love.

Soon Milena was pregnant with their second child which pushed them to pursue their newfound mission with much vigor, knowing that, at least on a personal level, they needed to find a viable rocking solution.  After a rigorous testing and prototyping period, The Ready Rocker was born.  And seeing how their invention helped them keep up with an active two-year-old while still nursing and soothing their newborn, the couple knew that they had something special.

Milena Djankovich believes that The Ready Rocker celebrates mothers everywhere.  Paying homage to them and their innate caregiving became a larger-than-life mission, something the couple fully embraced with the establishment of their company RockerMama in 2016.  “If moms and caregivers in all categories can rock in more places, more often, and while sharing their experiences both live and virtually, maybe we can all spend a little more time in our happy place.” Milena enthused.


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Preparing a child birthday requires a lot of creativity and Kids Birthday Party guide is perfect for successful parties. These festivities represent important events for our toddlers who are waiting for them impatiently. How to organize the preparations, the games and the snack, from the 1st birthday to the one of the majority?

Preparations for a birthday

About 2 months in advance, choose:

  • The birthday date
  • If needed, a frame to follow throughout the day.
  • Invitations: to do alone or with the help of your child to send a child invitation card to invite his friends to the party.

Finally, think:

  • Animations,
  • At the decoration,
  • To drinks,
  • To the cake.

The animations of a birthday


Games are important for children and can keep them occupied throughout the party.
Remember to choose games for girls or boys according to the guests and alternate sports activities and quieter.

Afternoon tea:

Mini-buffets are good solutions if you have invited many children.
For a dream dessert, focus on a decoration associated with the theme of the party or your child’s preferences.

Celebrate your baby’s 1st birthday

For parents, the 1st birthday is special, even if baby does not realize that the party is held in his honor. Celebrate the birth of your child at the same time as your first year of parents. Your child will be happy to discover the photos when he gets older.

Customize a birthday party for infants

Between 2 and 4 years old, a child is not really able to enjoy a birthday party where many children would be invited: difficulty sharing, jealousy. Better to plan a small party and if you anticipate the presence other children, limit their numbers.

Birthday party for children from 5 to 9 years

From 5 to 9 years, children really feel the urge to throw invitations, because it is often the opportunity to celebrate with their classmates. Alternate team or individual games with physical games or quieter: at this age, it is the golden rule of successful anniversaries.

Your child celebrates his birthday for his 10 years

For his 10th birthday, make him happy by offering to organize his first boom or his first pajama party. Your boy will be able to invite his friends in a bowling and a shopping session between girlfriends will undoubtedly make your daughter happy.

Between 11 and 14 years old, organize a special birthday party

Pre-adolescence, ages 11 to 14, is an age difficult to satisfy. Suggest a party at home or an afternoon music and dance. You can also invite children to spend a day of outdoor activities.

Between 15 and 17 years old, young people can organize their party alone

More completely children and not yet quite adult, the teenagers from 15 to 17 years old reject the “classic” birthdays in favor of original activities and will want to impress their friends by testing new things while remaining in the field known.


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Graduation is an important and exciting milestone that deserves to be celebrated with a special gift. With this, if you are a parent clueless about the best graduation gifts to buy, read on and we’ll let you know some of the best ideas to take into consideration.

Photo Book

Make the graduation a year to remember with a customized photo book. Take the time to stalk the social media accounts of your child to grab some pictures that will be included in your photo book. If you are looking for the best maker of a photo book, Shutterfly is one option that should be on your radar.

Customized Bag

Whether it is for girls or guys, customized bags will make another perfect idea for grad gifts. If they are moving up to a higher level, they can use this as a school bag. It can also be used as a weekend, casual, or work bag. For customized bags and other personalized graduation gifts, be sure to check out the selections available at Shutterfly.


A pen is one of the simplest but most useful gifts that you can give to your child who is graduating. To make it more special, make it personalized. You can have it engraved with his or her name or initials. It is sure to be a source of inspiration, whether at school or at work.


In this digital age, a laptop is one of the best graduation gifts parents can give to their children. For those who are graduating from elementary, a laptop will be a good present as it can be helpful in their school research and projects. Just make sure that your child will use it responsibly.


This will make a good gift idea if you have a child Best gifts for 6 year old girls who is interested in photography. An Instax or Polaroid camera will be great for the young ones who are looking for an instant print of their shots. For older graduates, a DSLR camera will be great to pursue one’s passion for photography.

Graduation Party

Give the gift of memories, such as an unforgettable grad party. This is a chance for your child to be with family and friends in a party that will make long-lasting memories. To throw an amazing graduation party, it is important to start with a fun theme, which will dictate everything else that you need to prepare, such as the food, décor, and venue, among others.

Special Trip

If your child is taking a gap year, a special trip can be a good graduation gift idea. This will also be best for those who are graduating from college. A special trip will be a great way to take a break before working. Some of the best places for those who are fresh off college include New Zealand, Mexico, Indonesia, Czech Republic, and Croatia, among others,

Make your child’s graduation extra special. Take note of the gift ideas mentioned above to make him or her remember such a milestone.

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