Maternity Bag Checklist: What You Need for Mum and Baby

Baby sleepsuits, bathrobe, socks, car seat: Learn about the must-have things in your maternity suitcase when going to the hospital for childbirth.

You have been waiting for nine months, and you are now counting days to delivery. Though full of uncertainty, these are happy moments for any mother who can’t wait to see and hold their baby. One way of ensuring that nothing goes wrong on the big day is good preparation. You should pack your maternity suitcase weeks before your expected delivery date to avoid the last-minute rush if the baby arrives earlier than expected. Below is a checklist of the must-have things in your maternity bag.

What to include in the suitcase for mum

While most hospitals provide the basics for delivery, you may need some extra items for more comfort, plus there are some essentials that the hospital won’t provide. Before packing, it is advisable to call the hospital to confirm if there are restrictions about what you should wear or eat. The checklist below will help you determine the mum items you need to pack in your maternity suitcase.

  • Essential Documents: You should ensure that essential documents like your picture ID, Insurance card and medical records are in the suitcase. The hospital might need these documents at check-in and for admission.
  • A robe: A comfortable robe is one of the most comfortable clothing during labour and after delivery.
  • A birth plan: Carry several copies of your birth plan to be shared among the members of the medical team. A good birth plan will help doctors give you quality services by outlining your preferences during labour and delivery.
  • Toiletries: Since you may be required to stay in the hospital for a day or two, you should have essential toiletries like a toothbrush, hairbrush, shampoo, lip balm, face wipes and anything else that you find necessary.
  • Comfortable clothes: You need comfortable clothes for the whole time you will be in the hospital, including after delivery. Some of the must-have clothes include a nursing bra, loose pants like sleep pants and a birth lobe if the hospital does not provide one.
  • A birth towel and a pillow: Your hospital may provide a bath towel, but it may not be of the quality you desire. Therefore, you can bring a bath towel from home for the shower after delivery. A comfortable pillow is also a plus as you will be spending most of your time on the bed.
  • Backless slippers, socks and slip-on shoes: Since your legs may get swollen from IV fluids, easy to slip on shoes is the best choice of shoes when going to maternity.

What to include in the suitcase for baby

Once you have packed everything for you in the maternity suitcase, you should move on to the essentials for the new-born baby. You can follow the checklist below.

  • Baby sleepsuits: Sleepsuits are the best clothing choice for newborn babies as they are comfortable and easy to wear and remove.
  • Diapers and wipes: You can pack a medium pack of diapers and wipes for use while at the hospital.
  • A car seat: A car set for the baby is compulsory if you will be driving home. The hospital will not allow you to your baby if you don’t have a baby seat installed in your car.

Once you have all these essentials in your bag, you will be ready to go to the hospital when the baby decides to come.

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