Romantic Ways To Spend Time With Your Spouse At Home

Many places are now easing up on COVID-19 restrictions, but still, plenty of folks would rather play it safe and stay indoors as much as possible unless it’s essential to go out.

This leaves couples with no opportunities to go out on dates and have a great time. Or does it?

Romance is not entirely dependent on going out on dates. It has a lot to do with how creative a person can get to keep their partner or spouse interested and engaged in fresh ways.

Keep the romance burning at home with some helpful tips that we’ve listed below.

  1. Go on a movie date in your backyard.

Some movie theaters have already resumed operations, but not everyone still feels good about being out in an enclosed public space with people.

So instead of going out to the movies, why don’t you just set-up a home theater in your backyard? Prepare a couple of movies, some snacks, and a cozy and intimate seating area where you and your loved one can spend the rest of the evening enjoying a movie or two (or three!).

  1. Compete against each other in some playful and fun games.

While relationships are supposed to be partnerships, it doesn’t hurt to compete in playful and fun ways to keep the romance alive. It signifies that you don’t find each other as a threat to your existence and shows security in both parties.

Play some video games or board games. Have a bake-off and see who does best in the kitchen. Have a dance contest and see who’s got better moves. You can take this time to let your guards down and have a great time together.

  1. Turn the evening into spa night.

Spa nights are always a hit among couples as it gives them the chance to really relax and relieve themselves of their stresses and worries. It’s also quite romantic, especially if you have accompanying romantic music playing in the background and some wine to boot.

So if you know any Bullfrog Spa dealers, now would be a good time to contact them and make an investment in your relationship.

  1. Have a picnic or go camping in your backyard.

Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean that you can’t go out. You can still take your spouse or partner out on a date in your backyard, garden, or rooftop. You can prepare a fun afternoon picnic or go camping in the backyard, complete with a bonfire and tent. Or you can go up on your rooftop with a picnic basket filled with wine and snacks as you spend an evening stargazing.

  1. Make a couple’s bucket list for the next ten years.

Coming up with plans is a great way for couples to connect and make a more intimate connection. Instead of drawing up personal goals, come up with a bucket list that both of you can do as a couple in the next ten years. But don’t stop there. Create a concrete action plan of how you intend to tick off each of those items on your list.

  1. Wash the car together.

Turning an ordinary chore into something fun, romantic, and borderline naughty can help create some sparks in the relationship and set the mood for a night of intimacy.

  1. Turn off all the lights and light up some candles.

Nothing screams romantic than a candle-light dinner. But why stop at the dining table? Turn off all the lights at home and light up a few scented candles all over the house to really set the mood for a romantic evening over dinner at home.

  1. Have a deep and meaningful conversation.

While fun and games help keep a relationship exciting, intimacy can be deepened with a meaningful conversation. While physical intimacy has its benefits, connecting on a deeper level through relevant conversations actually helps improve relationships.

  1. Write love letters and notes to each other.

Just because you’re already past the courtship stage doesn’t mean that you should stop courting each other. Go back to how you were when you were trying to win your partner over. Keep those love letters and notes coming and post them in different places at home where your partner is most likely to see them. These little gestures make them feel appreciated and valued, which earns you several brownie points.

Hopefully, these things can trigger your creativity and spur you on to planning more refreshingly original home dates for you and your spouse. Again, dates don’t necessarily have to be in posh restaurants, which can cost you a lot of money. You need a little creativity and resourcefulness to keep the love alive in your relationship.


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