Extra-curricular Activities for Kids and Why They Are Important

We all know how important academics are in a child’s life. But no matter how much you justify how important it is, the truth is, they are not always aimed at a child’s holistic development. Other important lessons are learned outside the classroom.

This is where extra-curricular activities come in. They help make kids well-rounded as they sharpen their skills and abilities. As their acknowledgment of this fact, almost every educational institution has incorporated extra-curricular activities into their program.

These activities are not just for the sake of getting kids involved with other things and packing their schedules to keep them occupied. These are designed to help build the right habits and disciplines needed in life.

Extra-curricular Activities that Teach Kids Important Life Skills

  1. Music
    Music is a great form of self-expression that also teaches kids the value of discipline and perseverance. It has plenty of benefits to a child’s growth and development, whether it is piano lessons, voice lessons, or learning how to play any other musical instrument.
  2. Sports
    Sports are great at instilling discipline in a child. Whatever sport it may be, whether it’s football, baseball, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, or whatever, being involved in sports requires a certain amount of commitment and dedication. It’s also a very effective way to teach kids about the value of teamwork and collaboration.
  3. Dance
    Dance as an extra-curricular activity not only provides kids a fun and great way to exercise but, just like sports, it teaches them to be physically disciplined and helps sharpen their minds as well. They can join the school dance club or take classes from reputable dance schools and trainers.
  4. Crafts and Pottery
    Some kids may not be inclined to physically strenuous activities. This limitation should not hinder them from exploring and growing outside the academe. Crafts and pottery are a great way to further develop kids’ fine motor skills and enhance their creativity.
  5. Painting and Sketching
    Painting and sketching are both great at unleashing a child’s creativity and resourcefulness. It’s great for kids who aren’t as gifted physically as those involved in sports and dance. But it gives them another avenue to be creative and learn essential problem-solving skills.
  6. Sewing Classes
    When it comes to extra-curricular activities, sewing isn’t exactly one of the first things that come to people’s minds. However, with an increasing interest in fashion among young people, it is something that can help them develop a greater interest and deeper appreciation for the intricacies of creating clothes. Plus, knowing how to work with a needle and thread is always a good thing.
  7. Self-Defense Classes
    With Netflix’s Cobra Kaigetting very positive reviews, self-defense classeshave increased in popularity nowadays. After all, it doesn’t just teach kids how to defend themselves against bullies, but it also teaches them the right values and perspective about self-control and discipline, that fighting is the last resort to any conflict.
  8. Cooking Classes
    There’s nothing more practical in life than learning how to cook. It is a skill that will serve anyone for life. It’s a great supplement to learning math and science, given all the measuring done to get a recipe right and all the experiments performed to come up with a new dish. It’s also helpful in teaching kids to be creative and expressive while observing proper personal hygiene. It teaches them to focus and how to observe safety at all times. It arms them with knowledge about proper nutrition and how to prepare healthy and balanced meals.
  9. Book Club
    Being in a book club can help enhance a child’s love for reading, and ultimately, learning. The exposure they can get from reading all kinds of literature will help them build their vocabulary, develop a love for reading, socialize with other book lovers, and open their minds to other schools of thought and worldviews.
  10. Drama Club
    Belonging to a drama clubis a fun and creative way for children to let out the performer in them. Being on stage may not be for everyone, but there are other aspects to a drama club besides just performing. It involves people working hand-in-hand to put together a show. This means that different skill sets are picked up and learned depending on whether they will perform on stage or help out behind the scenes. It is ideal for artistic and creative development, improving social skills, boosting memory (especially for memorizing scripts), and a host of other important life skills.

No matter how important academics are, kids need more than just head knowledge to make it in life. Extra-curricular activities teach kids important life lessons that are not usually taught inside classrooms. Don’t deprive children of this education and get them involved with extra-curricular activities.

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