Why Geiger’s Unique Creator-Controlled Design Could Shake Up the Comic World for The Better

Over the years, Geoff Johns has innovated many fascinating comic stories and created many new approaches. For example, his exciting series, Geiger, has been making waves due to its post-apocalyptic setting and its unique owner-operated and creator-controlled design. Understanding why this matters is important for comic fans who want the best possible stories.

What is Geiger?

Geiger is a post-apocalyptic story that takes place in the United States after a devastating nuclear war. This war irradiated the landscape and made it unlivable. However, Geiger, a man now immune to radiation, takes to the surface and goes out to explore the new reality that the Unnamed War left behind.

During his travels, Geiger meets many fascinating characters and experiences many unique adventures. Johns brings his storytelling skill to this series to explore the potential of a post-apocalyptic world and its connections to modern America. The story features his trademark insights and in-depth characterization.

Beyond its high-concept story and fascinating action, Geiger is also breaking ground by being completely owned and controlled by Johns. This concept has already caused a lot of discussions and is something that we think could change the publishing world in many powerful ways.

Why This is a Big Deal

Geiger’s owner-operated and creator-controlled setup is a groundbreaking concept that has caused a lot of stir in the comic industry. Many major comic publishers are claiming that this approach could never work, though Johns’ success in this field has already outpaced expectations in many ways and triggered a lot of excitement.

While Marvel and DC are probably safe at the moment, Geiger’s connections to both publishers have caused increased interest in his book. Furthermore, the quality of Geiger is as high as the major publishers in a way that many owner-operated books haven’t been in the past, particularly in the world of smaller indie-based publications.

The potential here could be limitless. For example, comic artists and writers could skip the major publishing empires and, instead, publish their books themselves. While there is a small movement of indie comic creators already taking this step, the talent level isn’t always huge, even if the ideas and the content are well-meaning or even intelligent.

But just imagine if the major comic creators decided to leave behind the major publishers and devote their artistic and writing skills to independent comics. This concept could cause a major shift in the comic world, especially if these books gain enough popularity to compete with the big publishers and sell in huge levels.

Learning More About This Comic

As more issues get published and Johns continues to expand the Unnamed Universe, it is exciting to consider what fascinating possibilities may emerge. Will we see a surge of major creator-controlled and owner-operated comics in the future? Could this concept be the leading light for writers and artists? We won’t know for sure until more time passes and more people buy Geiger and its side comics.

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