What Trails Carolina provides their students and why their programs are so helpful.

What Trails Carolina Can Provide For Teens

Parents looking for answers for their children often find themselves looking at different types of programs available all around the world. There are many options, and success stories are out there that inspire many. Trails Carolina is one of those places that help students in professional therapeutic ways.

What can Trails Carolina provide your teenager that will help them through life? As families research, they understand that Trails Carolina offers so much in this amazing part of the United States.

How does Trails Carolina provide an environment that helps your teen develop skills that will carry on throughout their life? As they become students, they will constantly work on building valuable, translatable skills they can use for the rest of their lives near Lake Toxaway, North Carolina.

Accredited Academics

Trails Carolina’s quality academics caters to each student and their individual way of learning. Teachers at Trail Carolina are continuously assessing students’ learning styles/abilities and figuring out what works best for each individual.

Keeping class sizes small help, as students get individual attention if needed. In a traditional setting of a more extensive classroom, it can leave teens feeling alienated if they aren’t learning as fast as others.

At the Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy Program, students are provided with academics that are on their learning level yet still help them learn more. Students learning at their pace tend to pick things up quickly.

Stronger Families

The foundation of Trails Carolina revolves around making improvements to families. Teenagers come to Trails Carolina so that they can return home and reconnect, heal, and thrive with everyone.

Getting to that point takes time and effort from brilliant individuals. Some students arrive with a lot they are dealing with, so the staff caters to the needs that help them learn and grow into a person they are proud of.

Nothing is more rewarding than reconnecting with alumni later on and hearing how well a former student is doing. Every year, opportunities exist to connect with alumni and their families to hear success stories and continue learning.


Students learn how to be a part of a team, to communicate, and work well within a group. To succeed at Trails Carolina, even the most introverted learn how they can build friendships and what those relationships can provide them with.

The goal is to have students move on from Trails Carolina and feel much more confident stepping into a team environment. Instead of feeling intimidated, they may find themselves willing to take on a role in what they do best.

Translatable Skills

Each skill learned at Trails Carolina is meant to be adapted to their life when they return home. A student might have all the success in the world in the program, but the staff understands that the whole goal is to ensure students carry these skills well beyond the program.

Trails Carolina has a tremendous success rate because the staff helps each student understand their strengths and build them up to provide results they can be proud of. It’s not a traditional school setting, so students don’t feel that way.

Caring Leaders

Whether field instructors or licensed therapists, Trails Carolina is meticulous regarding hiring practices. Working with teenagers going through a wilderness therapy program takes a particular person who is good with people and shares the same goal—helping teens with their needs and providing help through their struggles.

A high retention rate shows that this job rewards those who take it on. Getting a staff together that embraces the uniqueness of a wilderness therapy program is their goal when hiring.

Appropriate Age Groups

There’s a big difference between a 10-year-old and a 17-year-old. That’s why there are five main groups at any given time to keep everything as tailored as possible.

Boys and girls are broken up into separate groups from 10 to 13. There are also separate groups for boys and girls aged 14 to 17.

Relationships are easier to form when working with others around the same age. It also mimics real life in a typical school setting in many ways, which can make a smoother transition back home.

Family Connections

To make it as easy as possible when reconnecting with family, there is an in person extended program known as Common Ground, a family reunification experience, after a student graduates from Trails Carolina. The entire goal is to reunite the family with the proper support around them.

A therapist encourages as much engagement as possible after returning home. It can be difficult for them as they may be returning to an environment that can put them back into a state that negatively affects their mental health.

Learn More About Trails Carolina

Interested families can read through a wealth of information on their website. Not only that but there are ways to schedule a call and even a visit for those who live nearby.

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