Funny Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Big Party

The modern party is cutting edge in entertainment, which means more than just singers or professional dancers! Hiring professionals to leave your party laughing and rolling with comedy is an awesome way to make it memorable and ensure that everyone talks positively about their experience.

These are some of the best entertainment ideas for your next hilarious party!

Celebrity Impersonators

Celebrity impersonators aren’t necessarily funny automatically: but some feel like they don’t even have to try to be hilarious. From hiring Elvis to finding a Trump impersonator, seek out a professional that makes you and your party laugh! Be aware that context matters, though! If this is a party for teenagers, hiring a Johnny Cash performer isn’t going to land as well as hiring a currently popular celebrity would!

The Classic Clown

There’s a lot of debate around whether clowns are a good party idea or not: but they bring joy to them, so why not? Moreover, the classic clown has been played out so much that now hiring one ironically can be hilarious again.

Seek out an interesting or unique clown in your area, and watch some of their material if they have recordings. The modern clown is incredibly flexible in its material and can put on whatever kind of action you want of them!

Hiring Singers With a Twist

Have you ever heard an opera singer perform WAP by Cardi B? Or a classic country musician covering some of the other wild music that’s out right now? The cognitive dissonance between these styles and the raunchy lyrics of a lot of modern music can be a lot of fun and will leave your party howling.

You can find performers like these extremely easily since many classically trained musicians like to have fun and cut loose with this type of music when they’re bored or practicing their skills.

Drag Performers

Drag is an art form that requires a lot of personality, and with that personality comes comedy. The humor in drag isn’t dressing up as flamboyantly as possible: it’s the powerful personas that are channeled through it that can make people laugh and enjoy themselves.

Seek a drag performer who’s known for being funny in your area! If you’re not familiar with the drag scene in your area, attend a couple of drag shows and get to know which performers make you laugh the hardest so you can try to hire them!

Princess Performers

Having a princess performer at a party for adults can be both charming and funny. Discuss beforehand with the performers what type of party it is to make sure they’ll be comfortable with it, and then have fun with it! This can be great for bachelor parties for a twist of innocent, clean fun or baby showers to allow it to feel like the magic of the future kid’s childhood has already started!

Don’t Be Afraid to Have Fun!

Having fun is something that keeps us young and ready for the future: so don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Parties are meant to be a time where you cut loose and have a great time, and a little comedy can help that.

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