Tips for Choosing Child Care

Whether you are looking for a daycare, afterschool care, at-home care or a preschool, choosing your child’s caregivers is important. These individuals have a significant impact on your children. Therefore, choosing the best childcare option requires more than searching for child care Parker CO.

What You Need

Your first step should be identifying your child care needs and desires. For example, how long and for how many days does your child need care? Will the care provider need to help with homework or other projects? Choose whether you prefer in-home care or if you want your child to attend a daycare, Montessori school or other care facility.

Your child’s needs should also be identified. For example, if your child has any medical risks, such as allergies or asthma, or developmental or other needs, look for facilities that can meet these needs.

Referrals and Research

Your next step should be asking your friends, loved ones and peers for referrals. If they have children who are being cared for by someone outside the family, ask detailed questions about the childcare providers or facilities, including how they handle emergencies or behavioral problems and what services they offer.

You should also check for online reviews and licensing. Conduct a Better Business Bureau search, and speak with the local chamber of commerce to ensure the center doesn’t have any outstanding complaints.


Not only should you interview day care centers’ leadership, but you should also interview the workers. Learn about their hours and under what circumstances these hours may be extended. Ask for proof of their accreditation, which childcare centers receive from the National Association for the Education of Young Children and in-home care receive from the National Association for Family Child Care. Ask about and compare costs. Discuss waiting lists and the number of children the provider cares for. You may also discuss immunization, sick kids, caregiver health and other policies.

Observe how the teachers and childcare providers interact with the children. Do they get down on the children’s levels? Do they speak kindly or get frustrated? After a scheduled visit, where you are allowed to observe the care providers on their best behavior, drop by unannounced. You will get a more accurate understanding of the care provided if the staff is unprepared for a formal visit.

Ask the center or child care provider for references, including current and previous clients. You may also speak with parents as they are picking up their children. Don’t underestimate the insight of the children receiving care, though. Ask them questions too.

By conducting a little research, you will find the best caregiver or center for your children.


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