The Details of a Contact With Your Nanny

The relationship between you and your nanny needs to offer benefits on both sides. You can’t just assume they are going to deliver what you seek. You need to verify it and you also need to ensure your household gets what you need in exchange from them. In order to reduce the risk of any problems, a nanny employment contract is strongly recommended. It should detail the scope of the job, the arrangements for times of work and any days off, holidays, pay, and other details. You can add special requirements or stipulations you deem necessary. Perhaps the one you offer the job to will also have some requirements you agree too. Such information should be added to the nanny employment contract as well. Duties and Responsibilities The nanny employment contract needs to include all duties and responsibilities. Don’t be vague and state it entails watching the kids. Do you expect them to do any transporting often children to activities? What about helping with cleaning around the house or other needs? Think about what you need from that individual and include it in the contract. The idea is for there to be no confusion about what is expected or what should be done. Communication is key to making it work, but you also need to have everything well documented. If this is your first time hiring such help, you need to make sure you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. You may wish to add a confidentiality clause too regarding anything going on in the home. This prevents them from sharing any details about what takes place, information about the children, and more with others. There should be household rules for them to follow and those need to be in the document as well. Amendments There may be times when a nanny employment contract needs to be modified. Over time, the needs of the household can change. Perhaps the individual will ask for additional time off or other information. All of this needs to be added to the written document in the form of an amendment. The details and the date are important as are the signatures of all parties involved. Once the amendment is completed and signed, that new information goes into effect. It overrides what was in the original document. An amendment is only valid if all parties agree to it and sign it though. Otherwise, the changes aren’t valid or upheld in a court of law. Legal Elements Keep in mind, you need to cover all of the legal elements within it as well. This includes the responsibility for pension and for nanny taxes. Make sure you have accurate information in those areas so nothing is done illegally or falls through the cracks. It can be a good idea to have an expert review your nanny employment contract before anyone signs it. They can point out anything that may not be legal or that needs further verification. It is better to have it identified from the start than later on if that contract becomes involved in any type of dispute. The goal is to have a realistic contact that all parties will be happy with and willing to abide by for the long term. Ending the Relationship It is a good idea to have information in the nanny employment contract stating you can end the relationship at any time without a reason being given. It should state when this occurs you will give the nanny written notice and any information about severance pay. Likewise, there should be details about the procedure should they decide to end the contract too. They should give you at least two weeks notice. This gives you time to conduct interviews and find someone to take their place. Your entire household can be in chaos if your nanny just leaves without any warning.

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