4 Habits that will make your kids healthier  

While handling kids’ tantrums can be a sport for parents when it comes to their health, including diet and exercise, there are some habits which when implied might give out wonderful results for managing your toddler tantrums. Here’s how:

1. Diet

Provide for your child a healthy, balanced and delicious diet, including the very nutrients necessary for their growth as a toddler to induce healthy eating habits for kids. Monitor their body weight and try to regulate it by their age. Add milk and milk products to their diet for their growth requirement. Make sure they’re hydrated throughout the day, so that they may stay filled with liquids through the day. Include fruits, yoghurt and milk to enhance the taste and health of the food, add colours to make the food attractive and interesting to eat. Set definite times for breakfast, lunch and dinner to organise efficiently. Maintaining balance in both time and kind is important.

2. Engaging in activities and games

Being active is essential for toddlers and babies as they’re in their growth period and they need to run and fall and get up as much as they want to. Not letting them out because they may hurt or dirty themselves is being overprotective, and may harm them in the long run. They need to participate in run-chase games, jumping and falling. It is a part of their development process, hindering which, they end up being lazy as they grow up.

3. Moderating sleep schedule

It is pretty important to construct an efficient and moderate sleep schedule for your young one. Ponder upon the number of sleep hours required according to their age and set a time for sleeping and waking up. Try to get them to bed early so that they wake up fresh and happy; they wake up relaxed and ready to grasp new ideas. Less, disturbed or timeless sleep can irritate them and make them less manageable. While going to day care or preschool in the early hours of the day, a child sleeping later may get irritated and lose interest in the activities that await them. Their mood depends a lot on the quality of sleep they get.

4. Limit screen time

This generation might have brought about with it an affection for screens. Although this may be a great distraction for your kids to leave you free for other chores, this harms them a lot. Concentration issues, weaker eyesight, irritating behaviour and inability to obey might creep into their lifestyle. Monitor and limit their screen time appropriately according to their age and make sure they’re watching quality content.

While introducing new habits in your kids may be a little challenging and tiresome initially, following the same daily helps them get their routine in order and stay healthy and fit. Make sure to follow one baby step at a time and stay consistent in this daily schedule, but once it’s in practice, it gets better for the all-round development of your toddler.

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